Inspired by the french film Le Ballon Rouge, Don’t Let Go tells the story of a man stuck in a humdrum existence who, through the most unlikely of saviours; rediscovers the simply beauty of play.  

Don’t Let Go is a dark and comical tale that attempts to unearth our own sense of play. This story applauds the importance of imagination, playfulness and discovery.   

❝Stunning design and brilliantly whimsical staging❞ - ★★★★ - Broadway Baby

❝This is a play that deserves to be watched...Every aspect is brilliant❞ - ★★★★★ - EdFringe Review

Conceived by Manic Chord
 Designer : Laura Ann Price

Costume: Laura Ann Price
Sound Composition: Stuart Mellor

Lighting: Celia Dugua
Assistant Producers: Hattie Callery/ Emma Cook


Images by Mihaela Bodlovic


Don't let go